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Kuan Yin Trance Healing

Many people experience these transformative years as a dark and hard time. For example, there are substantial cuts, not only in the Netherlands, but essentially in large parts of the world. Now, of course, this always remains a personal vision. We can also explain it differently. If you live in shortages or in abundance, all this is a mindset. It is precisely a time when people can stand for themselves and for their fellow man.

After all, the dark makes the light more distinctive than ever. Nothing is self-evident anymore, essentially just your own creative power and the way you shape your life. It is therefore precisely a time when compassion and unconditional love can come to full development. These heart qualities have precisely the opportunity to manifest themselves in us and through our opening heart.

Kuan Yin is known as the Goddess of grace, compassion and forgiveness. However, she is not only a goddess but also an enlightened Bodishattva. This means that she has fulfilled her earthly duties and no longer has to reincarnate. She is now part of the White Brotherhood. A community of all ascended masters.

Her Specialty is forgiveness and grace, compassion and unconditional love. It leads the flame of grace and transformation. Her service is compassion, compassion and healing to our earth and humanity. Kuan Yin, together with Mother Mary and Isis, forms the triple Goddess. They are in charge of the healing activities to humanity. Now she is here to teach us how to deal with our compassion and healing energy in a simple way and how to transfer it to other people. This energy consists of 4 degrees at each degree your frequency is increased to the final 7th dimension the vibration of unconditional love.

If you are interested in this course and you are considering following this training, your life will change forever in a positive sense and nothing will stay the same.

Please note! this is a vocational training if you have followed all these 4 degrees you are Master and with this training you can start your own practice and teach in this Beautiful Kwan Yin Energy.

The first degree = Harmony

Here your chakras are balanced within yourself and you learn how to remove your blockages.

2nd Degree = Energy

You will learn how all the elements of mother nature can give you energy and cleanse you. How to find and live through all the elements in yourself.

3rd Degree = Light

You will get acquainted with the cosmic energy, time travel and build optimal protection. This is your gateway to your clairvoyance.

You make contact with the ascended masters of the white brotherhood.
Your sensitivity will be sharpened to effectively apply the healing methodology that you are given in this degree.

4th degree = Love

The unconditional love that you are given to use to heal the earth and everyone around you, and to make connections. You learn to deal with the Christ Energy healing method.

Voiced Kuan Yin meditation CDs.  £ 15.00 pst.

Kuan Yin Oil available as well as the Kuan Yin Spray and DVD.

Investment: £

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