Dear Jackie. 

Didn’t get to see you at Phoenix on Sunday to say the last goodbye:( I just really wanna tell you how happy and blessed I am to get to know all of you in Findhorn. Thanks for being so kind and loving to me. And thanks for the present you gave me. I will keep them safely with me;) I will always remember what you’ve told me and the wise words you’ve said to me. You are always in my heart and when I am lonely I will remember your smile and hugs and love then I know I am not alone. I’m looking forward to see you again hopefully next year. I will work on my inner self this year and I hope next year u will see a Rita that make you proud. Miss and love you lots.

Dear Jackie,

More than a year ago I visited you.
Afterwards we agreed that I would keep you informed, with this…

I (woman, 28 yrs) have been in contact with several spiritual people in my life. Wanted & unwanted (desired). I myself am not spiritual but I do know that there is more than nothing. Have also had to deal with the prutsers in your gift. These are people who want to make money and scam gullible people.

So I was quite sceptical when I continued my way to Creil. Very special, you have been all over the Netherlands and I have to meet you in Creil, this is my birth village.
I certainly had the attitude; if this is another mess, I’ll drop out and just leave.

My attitude told us enough when we entered into the consultation. You started your conversation but didn’t let it distract you.
My opinion changed a bit the moment you told me that I was pregnant (you certainly couldn’t see this, premeditated… ;)) and also of a girl. I had just heard this in the same week in the hospital. Sounds nice but wasn’t entirely convinced yet. I mean, this could still be a coincidence. How the further consultation went made my opinion so much that I was not dealing with a prutser but with a PROFESSIONAL!
You told me that my brother was no longer there, partly for this I came to you, but I did not let go of anything about how or what. You knew that without a problem to tell me, what he did, how he was, how he died, and to top it all off, you made a statement that you didn’t want to make at first, my brother and I insisted so you did.
You said what my brother said to me about my father. Knowing my brother, these were his attitude (laughter) and words. We are not an average family with certainly no average statements! This wasn’t Jackie saying this, this was really my big brother!!

Furthermore, you have mentioned things to me about my future life, I will not let go of too much about this, but I can tell you, it has all come true. Times differ from what you said, but it was all correct.
Regarding my own business, this would go very well in the future, this is not quite on the agenda at the moment, but I have patience … Future (may) takes a long time…
For almost a year now I have been a mother of the most wonderful and beautiful DAUGHTER that a mother could wish for…
Jackie, I want to thank you again, and we will certainly meet more often.
Dear greetings, a convinced person.

Hi Jackie,

In recent months I have taken steps forward that I would not have dared to take a while ago.
With taking those steps, you shot through my thought and I realize once again that I make these steps partly because of you.
Because of the coaching / guidance / help that you have given me, I am now able to make the choices that I make.
You helped me to clear the first rubble, to dare to feel/be again and to have a little confidence, to look at my fears.
It has given the space and confidence to move forward. Even more important to open the way and grow to where I am now.
Hence this e-mail:
I didn’t know it at the time, but you gave me a basis (back) that allowed me to cope better in recent years and found my way back to myself.

Thank you for that.

Hi Jackie

Thank you for staying with me I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you – I learned so much !
Thanks also for the powerful healing session, you were right I felt energetic for a week and then had a slight dip
The feeling I get is that those issues are reflected in other aspects of my life and they are preventing me from surrendering for my highest good.
This is a very positive outcome for me – I feel that other things are unfolding and are about to happen
so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You are indeed a beautiful and powerful woman with many talents.
It has been a pleasure meeting you.
With love and blessings from Avalon


Hello Jackie

About 5 to 6 months ago I met you. I then sat at your table for a while and you told me that within 3 months I would meet a woman who could do it. I then said to you if that were true then you will get flowers from me to which you replied just send an email
It took a while but indeed within three months I find a female, have seen it for a while but she could indeed be this sometimes. So that is why I am now sending you an email to tell you that it has indeed come to this and that I am very happy with it and the flowers are still coming.

Dear Jackie,

Would you like to thank me from the bottom of my heart. Have now undergone two EMDR treatments with you and the result is amazing. You are a topper and I really notice physically and emotionally that a lot is happening to me.

Big hug,

Hello Jackie,
In about 5 weeks I will be the mother of our son, just as you predicted 2 years ago!

Hello Jackie

In the autumn of 2010 I (woman, 27 years old) went to a para fair for the first time. The reason I went to this fair was that I was curious about what would happen in the future. Many people who are interested in spirituality will recognize this curiosity. At the para fair I had a consultation with Jackie. At the beginning, I didn’t tell much about myself. I was especially curious what she had to say and whether this matched my feelings and ideas. She immediately touched sensitive points. I wasn’t feeling well during that period. This was mainly due to my bad departure from my previous employer and not being able to find a new job. Jackie advised me to respond to a specific position. She told me that if I did that, I would find a job very quickly – within a few months.
She also told me that I was going to move. After the consultation I started with Jackie’s advice. What did I have to lose! At some point, everything gained momentum. I was invited for an interview and a second interview. Eventually I got the job. Remarkably, this job stems from my first application letter that I sent after the consultation. Maybe coincidence.. maybe not..
The result of getting this job was that I had to move. The move was realized a few months ago. All in all, everything Jackie said during that consultation came true. And I think that’s very special!”

Hello Jackie,

 It’s been a few years since I was with my mother for a personal consultation. My mother lingered in her grief over the death of my grandfather and you told me that somewhere there was still a male soul waiting for me. I then had a daughter of about three years old (she is now six). You then talked to me about any relocation plans etc etc.
Now I want to tell you about that we did have our house for sale a while later, but that the actual sale did not go through because I found another job in the neighborhood.
I already indicated that it was not good for my health to have another child. Nevertheless, last March 23rd I gave birth to our son Tygo… there was the male soul then….

Hey Jackie,

I wanted to thank you in this way for giving Nadja my email we have now seen each other 2 times what a super sweet baby what a beautiful person pfffffffffff we get along well and the worst thing now is that I miss it hahahahah very he well allle beautiful get used to so quickly.
In any case thanks 😉 and I hope you are with the next neighbors in arnhem I will definitely come to visit you again and thank you personally

greetings from Arnhem

Dear Jackie,

Yesterday we spoke again during the Beursdag.
Your gifts remain special. And, we have experienced again Jackie, that you can sincerely listen with “head and heart”.
Thank you again for your good gifts !


Last Saturday I was with astrid in the store I innocently came there to get my ordered books. You were sitting there laying tarot cards, which sometimes seemed to me. And then it came, wer a nice conversation with my mother. I enjoyed it and I can still laugh and enjoy it. I just wanted to thank you. If you are back with astrid I will definitely try to come for a long time again (my mother had to do that at the end of the afternoon) It is not entirely clear to me how I can find it on your site when you come but I ask Astrid that again thank you very much!

hi jackie,
last Sunday I was with you for a session at the fair in Leeuwarden.
thanks again for putting her in touch with my mother. it did me good.

hi jackie

Thanks for your reading today it got me thinking again! And can continue with my growth process. My son had to laugh, he does indeed have 2 girls in mind, from which he can choose.

Hello Jackie,

 I am the woman from Budapest. I have been with you in Rijswijk and you have given a message for my friend from Budapest. I have shown her photo in my phone to you. I hope you now know who I am. I have passed on your message to her and she wants to thank you very much. Me too, by the way. You also helped my daughter last year when she did not get well in the Groenoordhallen in Leiden and now you have also given a nice message to my girlfriend. In short, all thanks. Is always very nice to meet people like you

hello Jackie,

 It may sound a bit weird but, I attended a session of yours this afternoon with a friend of mine. She wanted to contact her 2 deceased daughters, what does the case want?? I sat next to her and what happened to me confused me quite a bit,
From the moment you put your hands on hers I became very emotional (felt tears coming up) and started to get “palpitations”, that went on and on until the moment you thanked the children for their presence. From that moment on I no longer felt that I had to cry and my breathing returned to normal and no more pressure on the chest.
This sensation confuses me quite a bit, while I normally know how to put everything into perspective. what happened to me, or do you have an explanation for this

dear Jackie,

I want to thank you for that brilliant video message I can’t get enough of it.
And I forwarded him I want to thank you for all the love and your gifts that I have received from you,  you are really fantastic. I wish you and your loved ones all the love of the universe thank you.

Hello Jackie,

I was Sunday 22 April at the paranormal fair in Leusden with you in consultation together with my brother. We were both very impressed with you and we both loved it very interesting.

hi Jackie,

How are you doing?? I visited you two weeks ago at the fair in Leeuwarden, I don’t think you remember me because you must have had so many people, but I am pregnant and I would let you know what it was. Well it’s a boy, whatever you said, now see if it’s going to be a football player like you said.. but very nice I now have a girl and another son, really a very nice gift!!

Hello Jackie

I spoke to you at the fair in Groningen. The conversation has given me a lot, thanks again

hey Jackie I wanted to thank you through this way that you… have given my email we have now seen each other 2 times what a super sweet sweetheart what a beautiful person. we get along well. well all the beautiful gets used to so quickly. thanks in any case 😉 and I hope you are at the next fair in Arnhem I will definitely visit you again and thank you personally!

hello Jackie

I just want to inform you that I have found a very sweet friend he supports me through thick and thin. Have only been with him for 6 weeks now but it feels great on both sides so I hope that I now that I have more luck he is so sweet and fun and cosy haha, really I live again on finally