Automatic & Inspiring Writing

Workshop Automatic & Inspired writing

There is a huge different between Automatic and Inspired writing.

Often our mind comes to the surface and we write what we (ego) want to hear.

First we make contact with Spirit World a increase our frequency.
We are on a lower level then Spirit World.
After meditation a few techniques you learn this day, your frequency will be higher!
Only after this you can contact Spirit World and conveying pure messages, without your head coming In between.

In this workshop we will work with our guides.
We make contact with our guides and let us inspire by writing what they tell us and with which they can motivate us.

Automatic writing means that a Spirit will move our hand and let us write. Often you will see that the manuscript is different than your own.
This message is written for you and you will recognize who the deceased loved one is, that writes the message. You will receive the message from somebody else in the group, who makes the contact and write the message.

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