In the Practice Shoshona you can go for the next readings & therapies & Transmissions

CONSULT                                        TIME                    £

Reading practice                            60 min                 88,00
Reading practice                            90 min                 111,00

Skype reading                                 30 min.                50,00
Skype reading                                 60 min.                88,00

therapy counselling                                                     155,00

Twinflame reading                         60 min                 111,00
love & relation

Twinflame private                          60 min.                111,00

Starseed Light                                 30 min.                90,00
Language Transmission
                                                           60 min.               155,00

Group Transmission                       90 min.                99,00                                                                        

Karma Clearing                               per 90 min.         120,00

High Senstive persons                                                90,00

Personal reading at home                                         111,00
(depending on distance,
excl. travel expenses)

House clearing
(removing entities,
incl. support and materials)        max. 4 hrs           200,00

House room Evening                                                  155,00
(max 10 pers)


EMDR                                                90 min.                95,00

Intensive Care                                 150 min.              150,00

Family constellation
(no time-limited therapy)                                            150,00

Illness and Blockage
constellation insult                        90 min.                90,00

Tony Robbins Madannes              60 min.                188,00
Single transformational

Relation therapy                             90 min.                133,00
(2 persons)                                                     

Hypnose/Regression                      90 min.                99,00

Consultations by phone, Skype or Whatsapp are possible for a rate of £88,00 per hour.
Before the consultation can take place, you have to fill in the contact form.
Contact me for an appointment: 07436171422 (no phone consultations on this number).
Or email me:

If you want to cancel the appointment, make sure you do this 48 hours in advance on this email address
After this, the whole amount of the consultation will be charged.

You can pay cash or by PayPal