7 Portals to Wisdom


This special workshop is for everybody who wants to receive the insights of live and the stages they are going through.

Every stage of our live we are going through the portals. There are 7 of it and 3 degrees.
So a human being is going through 21 initiations in his life. You can get these initiations faster, by getting insights and be more aware.

This workshop is matched to old traditions, we’re going to ask the Indians and the wise women who did the predictions.

I combine spirituality and the old tradition, recognize the wisdom that they already possessed in earlier times. I also use the contemporary NLP (neuro linguistic programming), TA (transactional analysis) and Family constellations, to strengthen the student.
To this you can see where you are in life and which stages you still have to go through (experience the initiations).
You become more aware how you handle different situations and how your behaviour is. Behaviour stems from the parent ego position, which you have created your own script.
How you react on others is unconscious behaviour that you can change yourself. So the message become more clear and don’t let it be led by unconscious behaviour.
We take a look to the obstacles and triggers in your life and how you handle fear, anger, irritation and sadness better. You will be more conscious and react differently, so that you receive balance and rest instead.
And we will take a look at your talents and make them stronger.

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