Tarot & Intensive Tarot Weekend

Tarot and intensive Tarot Weekend

This course contains 6 sessions of 2 hours per week.
You will learn to declare each card, one by one, by listening to your own intuition. You can make your own reading at the end of the course.
We start by the Big Arcana, de 21 head cards, explanations of symbols, numerology on the cards, all with their own meaning.
I’m going to teach you the knowledge and you will make it your own.

After this, the little Arcana will come to surface with the personcards. Hereby you will go deeper into the Tarot.
After the course you can use the cards daily, for drawing one daily card, or past present future cards or you can use the cards for a reading for someone else.
You also learn to give a general reading, but also one for love, relation, work, children or family circumstances.

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