Twinflame Journey Healing retreat


This retreat gives you a deep connection with your heart and unconditional love of the high vibration of Avalon.
The retreat contains all the power places off Glastonbury visiting the 7 gates.
Meditation, Healing, Karma clearing and receiving the codes off Avalon, King Arthur, Lady Off the Lake, Maria Magdalene, Joseph of Armetrea, and Goddesses of the land and the Stargate and starbeings when crobcircles are available around Glastonbury.
Connecting with the Dragon energies.
The masculine and feminine transmission  codes off Christ consciousness and Maria Magdalene codes in the white and red spring integrated and send out on the Tor to all corners off the world and Universe. And To bring balance within yourself and renew your template on your blue print. And restructure your DNA.
All personal input to this lovely heart chakra off the world is welcome
We work with the land.
Sound healing, ceremonies and rituals.
Five Rhythm Dance
And a wedding ceremony with yourself is an additional option.
It is a full day program from 11am till 5pm

Private retreat investment:

7 days, 10 nights           £ 1555
4 days, 3 nights             £ 555
1 day retreat                   £ 288

If you followed one of the previous retreats, there is a discount available if you sign up for a second retreat!

Also additional tours to :

Avebury, Tintangel, Stonehenge, St. Nectans Glen, Stone circle, Crop circle, Camelot.
One day £ 222 pp
Transportation to Glastonbury, breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included.
Airport Taxi available (from Bristol Airport (£40) or train station Castle Carey(£30))