I am Jackie, mother of 2 daughters.
Since my birth I have a gift: Clairvoyance!

Since I was young, I saw and felt energies. I even saw deceased people who gave me information about people and situations what happened in daily life.

As a child I was afraid and felt uncomfortable with it.
When I was a toddler I cried a lot, because of the many things I couldn’t explain.
Back in time, there wasn’t anybody who could support me, because it was unknown at the time.
I felt alone and misunderstood.

After many years the right people came on my path, who could explain what all of this was.
And I realized I was normal, Paranormal.
What a relieve this was! The pieces of the puzzle came together.

I started training and developing this gift. Yes, you can develop clairvoyance!

After a almost death experience, my guides told me to help other people on their journey with my gift!
By giving consults, readings, workshops and training I support children, young people and adults how spirit and this gift works for you. And you can handle and understand your high sensitivity much better!

I developed myself as NLP coach, TMR coach, psychosocial therapist, hypno- and regression therapist, EMDR fear and trauma therapist, System- and family constellation (specialist in Illness and blockages in the body).
So I can see all the aspects of the human being and help and heal them!

I’m so glad that I can do this work for more then 25 years!

Do you recognize yourself in this, or in one of your children and do you want more insight in your situation? And do you want to understand your high sensitivity more?
Or just for a reading or tips and tricks?
I’m looking forward to meet you in my Practice!

Love and Blessings