Vision Quest


Vision quest is a Shamanic drum ceremony.
Every ceremony has a different theme and everybody will have another question.
Your question will be answered by a second person, who will travel you.
We will make 3 travels on one night and that night will impress you and heal your body and mind.

By drumming a rhythm you become in a state of trance an visions will appear. All your senses will be activated and will join the Quest.
You will see, smell and feel what is important at the moment. All the elements of Mother Earth will be present.

Every travel is different, but always impressive and you will always get an answer on your question.

If the weather is good, the ceremony is outside. So warm clothes and socks, a blanket and cushion are necessary. In winter time we are going inside.
You may sit during the travel, but lying down is better, because you are grounded right away.
Investment: £

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