living room evening

A nice and warm evening with friends at your own home. There is a theme night, which is completely made for you!
Everybody will get a message this evening.

What does this mean?

I will come to you your home and deliver you a spiritual evening. This can be a personal reading, reading a photo, tarot reading, contact with a deceased person or a mini workshop. Everything is possible.
Because of the cosy atmosphere at your own place, everybody will be relaxed and the most exceptional readings will come up.

When something comes up with a reading that needs discretion, I will take you apart or will tell you that this isn’t something to say in public or in front of (possibly) strangers.

We will start the evening between 19.00 and 19.30 and I will first introduce myself. I will also explain to you what to expect.

At 21.00 we take a break.

This evening will end around 22.30.

As a hostess you’ll receive a spiritual present

For those who makes this evening an appointment for a new living room evening, a gift voucher will be made. This voucher can be used for many purposes.
For example a reading in the practice, an amazing massage treatment or healing, hotstone massage or one of the many therapies. Anything what your needs are at that moment.
You can also give the voucher to someone else, who needs a reading more. So the other person can get a discount on the reading.

Costs for this evening are £150
(max 10 persons)

Theme night
Personal reading

On this evening personal readings will be given. Also pictures and jewels can be read, for you and your friends. Often the theme that plays in your life comes up and you’ll receive an answer to that. Of course it’s also possible to receive answers to other questions.
That’s why I ask you to think about a specific question to what you want an answer about.

Contact with a deceased person. Everybody will receive a contact with a deceased person, everybody will receive a message.

If you want to make an appointment, please fill in the contact form.

(These costs are excluded any travel costs. Max. of 45 minutes travel time)